Judging Criteria

The Boomerang Awards recognizes strategy, innovation, creativity, and effectiveness in the pursuit of digital marketing excellence.

STRATEGY: Perspective, process, and plans that are data-cognizant, possessed of outstanding business and human insight, and impressive in how they bridge the gap between current state and desired outcomes.

INNOVATION: Novel thinking and actions that add value to the business or the strategy.

CREATIVITY: Unexpectedness in execution, including emotional and aesthetic values.

EFFECTIVENESS: Direct outcomes, given the above.

All Boomerang entries will be screened and reviewed by a Board of Jurors selected by IMMAP.

An entry can be a finalist. A finalist can stay a finalist or move on to Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

A category may have one, multiple, or no winners per metal.

Entries must present the case for digital marketing excellence clearly, and beyond reasonable doubt.

Special Awards may be given at the discretion of the Board of Jurors. These can be given to entries that exemplify the peak of excellence in any of the four criteria: Strategy, Innovation, Creativity, and Effectiveness.

There can also be a Best of Show.

Best of Show cannot be awarded to entries under the Good Boomerang category. However, the jury can give separate recognition (Best of Show for Good) as they deem fit.