A History of Recognizing Effectiveness:

The Boomerang Awards was established by the founders of IMMAP (the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines) to recognize the effectiveness of digital marketing. It is a pioneering show in the region, and continues to evolve to this day.

Framework for Digital Marketing Excellence:

In early 2019, IMMAP announced a framework for digital marketing excellence, as a guide for its members and the projects it undertakes. The Boomerang Awards now uses this framework as a standard. The show recognizes digital marketing excellence across products and services, effectiveness, and craft, achieved through the creative and innovative use of digital strategy, customer intelligence, commerce, and content and distribution.

World-Class Ambition:

The ambition is both simple and challenging: to be the showcase to the rest of the world for the best digital marketing to emerge from the Philippines. Many awarded in the Boomerangs go on to win internationally, demonstrating that the Philippines’ best digital work can shine on the global stage.


The Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) created The Boomerangs in 2008.

IMMAP represents advertisers, advertising agencies, publishers, content creators, and web developers.

It harnesses digital media’s potential for economic development and provides the necessary tools and information that integrated marketing professionals need for better communication decisions. It is a member of the international group the Mobile Marketing Association.

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