• The Boomerang Awards are open to both IMMAP and non-IMMAP organizations.
  • An entering organization must be a duly registered business in the Philippines.
  • Each campaign/program may be submitted by only one party (agency/client/publisher/startup). In the event that the same entry is submitted by two different parties, only the first entry received will be accepted.
  • Organizers of the competition may move entries without notice to more appropriate categories, if necessary.
  • Entries submitted will automatically be owned by the award-giving body and may be used for any purpose unless otherwise stated by the entrant.



  • All entry forms must be uploaded to www.BoomerangAwards.com.ph starting June 1, 2017. Early Bird Rates apply to entries submitted from June 1, 2017 to June 30, 2016. Regular Rates apply to all entries submitted after that. The deadline for entries is August 1, 2017.

We’re working together with IMMAP to get the online payment portal up and running, and we’ll let you know when it is. Prior to that, we can accept payment by bank deposit or check delivery to the IMMAP office. Please make checks payable to IMMAP.


IMMAP Bank Account Details:

  • Union Bank Vito Cruz Branch
    Account: CA000 3100 33329
  • Banco De Oro Branch
    Account: SA0041 7016 6097


IMMAP Office Address:

Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines
Unit 16-N Burgundy Corporate Tower
252 Gil Puyat Avenue
Makati City 1227



  • Each additional submission of the same material counts as a separate entry and will be charged accordingly.
  • Entry fees (without VAT) are as follows:

(June 1-30, 2017)
IMMAP Member – Php 7,500
Non-IMMAP Member – Php 8,500


(July 1 – Aug 1, 2017)
IMMAP Member – Php 8,500
Non-IMMAP Member – Php 9,500


This year, we have 4 categories: Digital Campaign, Digital Program/Service, Effectiveness, and Digital Craft.

The first three categories have sub-categories: Integrated, Web, and Mobile.

Integrated: in which the digital component is crucial, but only one of several

Web: implemented primarily for an online desktop experience

Mobile: implemented primarily for mobile phone users

Under Digital Campaign and Digital Program/Service, you’ll find product categories: Tech and Telco, Food and Beverage, Food Service, etc.

Under Effectiveness, you’ll find sub-categories that highlight results in Awareness, Engagement, Lead Generation, etc.

Under Digital Craft, there are three sub-categories: Visual and Audio Excellence, UX and Functional Excellence, Innovation and Bleeding Edge.


You have a storytelling campaign that ran across multiple interactive screens, from personal mobile to public widescreens in parks, for a clothing retail client. The campaign was meant to drive engagement with the millennial market, and the results were phenomenal. Where and how can you enter it?

You can enter the whole shebang under Digital Campaign -> Integrated -> Retail.

If a mobile app lets customers frictionlessly shop all the clothes featured in the storytelling campaign, you can enter the e-commerce app under Digital Program/Service -> Mobile -> Retail.

If you quadrupled your engagement scores just because of the storytelling campaign, you can enter that in Effectiveness -> Engagement.

If your storytelling campaign featured (let’s say) unusually beautiful animated illustrations, you can enter the set of illustrations in Digital Craft -> Visual and Audio Excellence.

(It helps a lot if you customize the entry to highlight its fittingness per category, instead of using the same case study across all.)


All Boomerang entries will be screened and reviewed by the Board of Jurors selected by IMMAP.

An entry can be a finalist. A finalist can stay a finalist or move on to win Bronze, Silver, or Gold.

A category may have one, multiple or no winners per metal.

Entries must present the case clearly and beyond reasonable doubt. They must state the most relevant objectives and results, supported by strategies, concepts, and implementation. This is especially required of entries to the Effectiveness category.

Special Awards can be given at the discretion of the jury. These special awards are given to entries that exemplify the peak of excellence in any one of the four criteria: Strategy, Innovation, Creativity, and Results.

There can also be a Best of Show.

Beginning this year, Best of Show cannot be awarded to pro bono work. However, the jury can give separate recognition (such as a Best of Show for Good) if they deem fit.


Beginning June 1, 2017, register on boomerangawards.com.ph to get your login and password. You can edit your entries after submission. Your entry dashboard will be live between June 1, 2017 and August 1, 2017.

Make sure the following information is ready:

  • Entrant Company
  • Contact Person at Entrant Company
  • Client/Advertiser
  • Contact Person at Entrant Company
  • Category -> Sub-category


  • Given the volume of submissions, the Boomerang Awards now makes case videos mandatory for the Digital Campaign, Digital Program/Service, and Effectiveness categories.
  • The case video should be 2 minutes or under. It should capture the objective/challenge, solution, and results as appropriate for the category being entered. It does not need to be a full-on production. Your aim should be to present your case clearly and convincingly.
  • The case video will be the primary basis for judging the entry. We will provide you with the upload link.



  • Challenge and objective for which the campaign or service was developed (max. 150 words)
  • The solution developed to address the challenge and objective (max. 150 words)
  • The results coming from the solution (max. 150 words)
  • The case study write-up will provide the jury with detailed information during the judging process.



  • Capture the case in a single slide. The slide can include a maximum of 150 words summarizing the objective/challenge, solution and results in the case study write-up. PDF or image file exported from slide (Powerpoint or Keynote) preferred.
  • The case presentation slide will be used for easy review or reference during the judging process.


NOTE: If your write-up contains sensitive information, you may mark these as “CONFIDENTIAL” or “NOT FOR PUBLICATION”, so long you do not use these restrictions excessively. Such information will be treated as confidential.



The jury will need to appreciate your solution as it was meant to appear to the user. Please make sure you have a working demo of the app that can be installed, or a site that can be accessed during the judging. If the campaign is no longer running, make sure it can be accessed at an agency-provided URL.



  • These are not required, but recommended especially where they will help the judges better appreciate the
  • effort you put into the work and the entry:
  • Links to actual content
  • Search keywords and copy
  • Screengrabs



  • Provide a letter from the company (client/advertiser) for whom the campaign or program was run.
  • The letter must be signed by the most senior client, equivalent to the designation of marketing director.
  • Include the following in your document:
  • Summary of objective and results
  • Signature of client representative
  • Contact details of client representative
  • Format: PDF



(June 1-30, 2017)
IMMAP Member – Php 7,500
Non-IMMAP Member – Php 8,500

(July 1 – Aug 15, 2017)
IMMAP Member – Php 8,500
Non-IMMAP Member – Php 9,500