For Digital Practitioners

Dear fellow digital practitioners,


We continue to work hard to make the Boomerang THE award that innovative marketers and advertisers want to win. This is our eleventh year, a testament to the ever-expanding role that the game of digital plays in transforming our world.

Every day is a fight to make ideas come to life. This is a part of the game we choose to play. As with any other game, it gets tougher as you progress. But in turn, we get better as we play.

Let this be the night our work fights for us in return. A night where our work fights to inspire us to continue the fight for innovation. And most importantly, to let every win make you know that you’ve fought for the right things along the way.


With this letter is the Boomerangs 2018 entry kit, a valuable tool to aid you in readying up your best shots in the fight for innovation.
Best of luck and see you at the Boomerang Awards Night on October 5, 2018!




Golda Roldan
Leigh Reyes
Jeff Saez
Mike Constantino
Aye Ubaldo