Now on its tenth year, the Boomerang Awards recognizes innovation that delivers results, furthering the cause of excellence in digital marketing and advertising.

In 2007, way before Instagram and Snapchat, the Boomerang Awards emerged. It legitimized and honored the brave few at the time who ventured into the digital unknown and sought a new home for creative engagement. The boomerang itself was chosen to highlight the return on investment marketers could expect from digital.

In 2014, Effectiveness became a category on its own. The year after, Innovation became a cornerstone, added to strategy, creativity, and results. Most recently, to match the global landscape, the Boomerang Awards introduced the Digital Craft category (recognizing excellence in online video and audio, UX and functionality, and bleeding edge).

With such wide-ranging categories, the Boomerang Awards needs a different kind of jury, on with the experience and the chops to navigate discussions around brand strategy, innovation, and technology. They are chosen from marketers, agencies, platforms and publishers, accelerators, startups, PR, direct, and more.


The Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) created The Boomerangs in 2008.

IMMAP represents advertisers, advertising agencies, publishers, content creators, and web developers. It harnesses digital media’s potential for economic development and provides the necessary tools and information that integrated marketing professionals need for better communication decisions. It is a member of the international group the Mobile Marketing Association.

This year’s board of directors is presided by Norman Agatep, managing director and chief creative officer of Havas Worldwide Manila.

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